AfH Level 1 Module 8 The Digestive System

AfH Level 1 Module 8 The Digestive System




The digestive system is the most problematic system in the United States and second only to colds and flues for the number of complaints. Essential oils are excellent for digestion and increasing appetite. They are a must for anyone suffering from loss of appetite and are an ally to cancer patients and the elderly who refuse to eat. Essential oils also work profoundly well for digestive upsets, gas, and irritable bowel syndrome.

This module covers:
The anatomy and physiology of the digestive tract; this is important in order to understand how the system works and to identify which part of the system is struggling.

The common ailments of this system, to help you identify the causes of the challenges.

The oils that might be helpful for the challenges of this system.

Methods of application, so you can target your oils and gain the greatest benefits.

Games along the way, to help keep you engaged and to cement the information!

Once completed you’ll have a clear understanding of the many factors required for digestive health. You’ll be able to make better choices and get to the bottom of digestive disorders. We are what we eat, and once you take control of digestion, health is sure to follow! Let’s get started!