AfH Level 1 Module 5 The Olfactory System

AfH Level 1 Module 5 The Olfactory System




Learning about the olfactory system is a must for all aromatherapists! Understanding as much as we can about the way aroma works on our brain allows us to be better aromatherapists and better blenders. Knowing which parts of our brains are responsible for sleep, emotions, and our attention, allows us to create targeted blends!

This module covers:
The anatomy and physiology of the olfactory system; this is important in order to understand how the system works and why some have a stronger sense of smell than others.

Ailments of this system and the dangers and challenges they present

Methods of application, so you can attain the most healing from your oils, and build a stronger sense of smell.

Games along the way, to help keep you engaged and to cement the information!

Since the brain is responsible for almost everything, learning its different components allows us to support the problem areas so we can relieve symptoms. Once we provide support to the areas of the brain that govern our health issues, we can begin the healing process! Getting to the root of the problem is key to healing, so let’s get started!