AfH Level 1 Module 4 The Urinary System

AfH Level 1 Module 4 The Urinary System




The urinary system is one of the less complicated systems of the human body, but the kidneys are complex endocrine organs! Keeping our urinary tract healthy and strong is a must for longevity. Essential oils can help to combat infection of this system and keep our plumbing working efficiently.

This module covers:
The anatomy and physiology of the urinary tract; this is important in order to understand how a simple infection and easily become deadly.

The common ailments of this system, which helps you determine the best methods of application.

The oils that might be helpful for the challenges of this system.

Methods of application, so you can target your oils for the greatest results.

Games along the way, to help keep you engaged and to cement the information!

Once completed you’ll be able to help eradicate a number of different infections that afflict the urinary system. This information is imperative if you suffer from chronic urinary tract infections. Once learn how to care for your kidneys you will be one step closer to attaining longevity! Let’s get started!