AfH Level 1 Module 1 The Respiratory System

AfH Level 1 Module 1 The Respiratory System




The respiratory system is one of main systems that benefit most from essential oils. The effects of oils on this system are remarkable, second to none! Oils have the ability to kill infections, reduce congestions, and quell coughing! They are a must for those who suffer from chronic bronchitis, reoccurring pneumonia, and COPD, or if you suffer from infections of any part of this system (lungs, sinuses, throat)!

This module covers:
The anatomy and physiology of the respiratory tract; this is important in order to understand how the system works.

The common ailments of this system, to help you identify the issues of the respiratory tract.

The oils that might be helpful for the challenges of this system.

Methods of application, so you can get the most healing from your oils.

Games along the way, to help keep you engaged and to cement the information!

Once completed you’ll be able to help support and heal a myriad of conditions that afflict the respiratory system. This information is imperative for SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), Covid-19, and any infection of the respiratory tract! Once the healing begins you’ll be able to breathe better which will provide more energy and vitality! Let’s get started!