Palmistry as a Tool for Analytics

Once used as a diagnostic tool for physicians, the palms and hands give us insight into physical health and emotional well-being. Learning to decipher the differences in hands and the meanings behind the individual characteristics, allows us to determine the strengths, weaknesses, and blockages in our clients. Since hands can change every six months, they are a current reflection of who we are and the stresses we’re under.


This is a science, there is no psychic or intuitive ability used or needed. This course offers all the necessary information to interpret the meanings of the hands, palms and lines.


Certification is awarded upon completion.


​The information covered includes:

The rules
Comparing past to present
Hand shapes and their meanings
Printing palms and it’s importance
How to read between the lines
Common oddities
The Do’s and Don’ts
Putting a reading together
What to expect
Commonly asked questions


Since palms can change every six months it’s important to print those close to us, enabling us to track the changes in their lives. There is no greater gift than having the outline of those we love who have passed on, or the prints of our children that change so quickly.

Dates to be announced.