Level II Advanced Blending of Essential Oils

This course was designed for those who want to further their knowledge of essential oils, and to broaden their blending abilities.



The educational goal is to expose people to different methods of selecting essential oils. Collecting information from different sources provides the ability to create targeted blends with better efficacy.


We use pendulums as tools for dowsing, in doing so we remove doubt and ego from the oil selection process. We learn kinesiology, in order to communicate directly with the body. This method of blending allows the body to guide us to the oils most needed. The final
method of oil selection is blending by chemical constituents. By delving into the chemical makeup of these complex oils and using their constituents to determine our selections, we ingrain their properties into our repertoire of knowledge. The blends made through this method of selection are profoundly complex and sophisticated. These methods of blending are guided by body mind and spirit. They are synergistic and balance our knowledge as aromatherapists.


This course also covers reflexology as a mode of transporting the oils into the body. Learning the reflexes allows us to promote healing from within, and makes use of the greatest tools of absorption for essential oils, our feet! In addition to reflexology we also learn how essential oils are made by distilling plant material in class. We will discuss hydrosols their benefits and how they can be used.



This course covers:

20 Essential oils

 Pendulums as a tool of oil selection


 The distillation process

 Kinesiology/muscle testing for oil selection

 Blending by chemical constituents

◐ 3 Different methods of blending

Dates to be announced.