Herbal Courses

Seven Month Herbal Certification

This course was created to introduce you to the many properties, preparations and uses of herbs, to provide the information necessary to enhance the health and function of each body system, and help us to adapt to our ever-changing environments.

This in-depth training will provide you with the understanding needed to work with herbs in a way that is both safe and effective. This course also supplies you with the information necessary to bring these tools of healing into your life on a daily basis.

Each day of class covers a different body system, the herbs specific for that system, and tea tasting the herbs discussed. There is also great emphasis placed on consultations, strategies for treatment and troubleshooting.


This practical course covers:


Body systems Plant identification Harvesting
Lip balms Salves Bath salts
Body powders Double decoctions Liniments
Decoctions Tisanes Lotions
Aromatherapy Essential oils Tinctures
Glycerides Infused oils Syrups
Blending essential oils Poultices Teas
Flower essences Consultations Legalities
Herbariums Herbal vinegars Steams
1st Aid kits Herbs for children Pet care
Compresses Aphrodisiacs Capsules

Wild Crafting, Preparation and Plant Identification

Come spend the day getting your hands dirty learning the nitty-gritty aspects of herbalism.

During this 3-day/3 season class we will travel to different locations identifying and harvesting seasonal plant material. We will discuss the best methods of preparation for the herbs harvested, their healing properties and dosage. We will process some of what we’ve collected making tinctures, infused oils and/or glycerides to take home for decanting and use.

· The first class will meet early spring and will focuses on harvesting roots and early spring herbs

· The second class will gather mid-summer and focus on herbs in bloom, aerial tops, and drying techniques.

· The third class will meet in the fall and focus on late blooming herbs, more roots, possibly mushrooms, and seed collection.

All class dates are subject to change due to late bloomage and/or lack of herbage.

All students will be asked to bring a shovel, digging tools, clippers, any field guides they may have, as well as bags for collection.

Be prepared to get dirty and possibly wet. Classes will be held regardless of light rain.

Jars and all menstrums for preparation during class will be provided. Our goal for each class is for every participant to take home at least two preparations made that day.

Herbal Apothecary

Botanical medicine has been used throughout history and is known to be safe and effective. It’s been the model for allopathic medicine and pharmaceutical drugs. Today 80% of the world’s population relies on herbal medicine as their primary source of healing. Within our own country there is a growing concern for pharmaceuticals, their safety and side effects. So many are looking for alternatives, making this herbal renaissance the perfect opportunity to gain knowledge that will offer lasting relief from symptoms without dangerous side effects.

Learn the healing properties of herbs, how to prepare them and benefit from their use. We will cover every form of herbal medicine, what herbs are best for each preparation and why. This course was created for those who enjoy active participation, and for those desiring a hands-on experience in medicine making. All students will create their own product to bring home. Live herbs will be provided (within season) for all interested participants to bring home and plant for future harvesting. We will be covering a wide range of herbs and body systems, harvesting techniques and sources, book references and plant I.D. This course will enable you to work with herbs in methods that are both safe and effective.

This course covers:

· Introduction

· Book references

· Quality of herbs

· Resources

· The nervous system

· Teas, tisanes, decoctions and double decoctions

· Tea formulation

· Three different methods of making infused oils

· Consultations

· Dosage

· Plant identification

· The liver and digestive system

· How to make

o Tinctures

o Glycerides

o Honey preparations

o Vinegars

· Herbal remedies for:

o Acne

o Anxiety

o Tinnitus

o Sleep difficulties

o Symptoms of menopause

o Gout

o And remedies for many other conditions.

· Determining which preparations are best for each condition

· Determining which herbs are best for each preparation

· Liniments

· Harvesting techniques

· The immune system

· Herbal safety

· Legalities

· Salves

· Poultices

· Syrups

· Capsules

· First aid kits

· Essential oils

· Aphrodisiacs

· Natural cosmetics

o Lotions

o Lip balms

o Bath salts

o Body powders

· Dosage and safety for children and pets

· Certification