Flower Essence Making Workshop

In this course you will learn how to quiet the mind and connect to plants on a deep level. The healing properties of the flowers will be shared with you directly from the plants. You will learn to listen and decipher the messages received from the plants and use this information to make formulas that heal body, mind and spirit.


Many cultures believe that dis-ease begins as an emotion and if not attended to will manifest physically as reoccurring pain or some form of disrupted health. Flower Essences have the ability to break down the emotional blocks that are created during the need for self protection. Though these tools of protection are helpful while working through the challenges of life, we often carry them longer than we need. There comes a point when these once necessary tools no longer serve us and instead become a hindrance to our health and to our ability to move forward emotionally.


Flower essences are able to break through our blockages in a gentle, subtle way that allow for growth, health and balance. Though Flower Essences are subtle, they are powerful healers on conscious and unconscious levels. They have profound effects on pets and children and are perfectly safe for everyone.

All participants will take home the essences made during class.

Dates: 7/16/2023
Time: 1:00pm – 4:00pm
Host: Herbs and Aromatics
Place: Harwich Massachussetts 
Register: See below.

Contact: 413-800-4340 or herbsandaromatics@gmail.com
Cost: $35 + $10 material fee

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