Aromatherapy for Health Level 1 Landing Page

I’m delighted that you’re interested in learning more about essential oils, and have chosen to investigate my course! I appreciate your desire for more knowledge and that you understand the importance of an education.

It’s never been more important to learn about essential oils! With worldwide pandemics still threatening, and the end of antibiotics looming, there has never been a better time to educate yourself about these amazing tools. They are the premier complementary tool to stave off respiratory infections and kill infections in the respiratory tract directly! As an herbalist, I love herbs and find they work profoundly well, but like so many other tools/medicines, they have to go through the digestive tract before providing relief to the lungs. Not essential oils, they’re absorbed directly through the lining of the respiratory tract making them a must for respiratory issues of all types. These allies are particularly helpful for those suffering from chronic respiratory ailments such as reoccurring pneumonia, bronchitis, and COPD.
Another huge benefit of these tools is their ability to kill bacteria. Since we’ve come to the end of antibiotics, it’s become imperative to educate ourselves on the many benefits of these amazing allies. Not only can essential oils combat antibiotic resistant bacteria, they can also stop and destroy the formation of biofilms! Biofilms are what protect infections from antibiotics and allow them to hide from our immune systems. It’s become clear that we are not prepared for large-scale viral infections. This information is no longer a hobby or luxury, it’s become a necessity in these trying times.
This course was created as an introduction. The information covered is basic, practical, and easily digestible. It is meant to introduce you to the body systems, the challenges of each system, and provide some suggestions of essential oils that may be beneficial to the ailments of each system. This course takes a wholistic approach to health and educates on the interconnectedness of all the systems.
One of the goals of this course is to provide information that will lead to a happier, healthier life. Since health usually requires more than just adding or removing one thing, there are many topics addressed in this course that help to provide the framework necessary to attain and maintain health.
Each module contains videos, exercises, and quizzes that will help you to retain the information. They build upon each other with a strong emphasis on a wholistic approach. My goal is to begin to train you to see the connection of each ailment to the many systems it affects. This will allow you to approach challenges from multiple angles, allowing for greater efficacy. For this reason, I cover information about things that affect our health that are outside the realm of aromatherapy. It’s my belief that if we only treat the symptom, the problem will continue to reoccur. The goal is to alleviate the problem, and that can only be done when we look closer and dig deeper into the causes of our illnesses.
This course has a strong focus on stress, its causes, and its detriments to every system of the body. Due to the ability of essential oils to reduce stress, and their powerful effect on the central nervous system, essential oils are the perfect tools to help bring balance back into our lives. Since there are many facets of stress, and many components of life that are necessary to address when dealing with stress and anxiety, it’s important to look at the bigger picture when trying to conquer stress, which you will do during this course.
This course also contains a smattering of herbal information. As an herbalist, it’s difficult for me to not talk about the herbs that might be helpful for those suffering from health challenges. I feel it’s criminal to have information that might be helpful, and not share it. Because of this, I do share some herbal information, but I try to keep it to a minimum. Once you study one facet of plants it becomes difficult to not become curious about all the other benefits they possess. Taking this course will give you a tiny taste of herbalism and another level of healing that the plants provide.
When you’re done with this course you will have a deeper understanding of the body systems, how to maintain the health of each system, and the essential oils that will help you with the ailments of every system. You will also obtain knowledge on the interconnectedness of the systems, allowing you to address the root problems of ailments, and to understand that symptoms can display in one system when the problem is actually with another system. Without this ability to connect the systems, it’s difficult to ever fully understand how one disease can affect many systems. Without this knowledge and understanding it’s difficult to become an excellent clinician and aromatherapist.
There are 8 modules total and an introduction to this course. The introduction is necessary in order to work with oils safely. You will learn information during the introduction that will become a part of every decision you make, from essential oil selection to application methods. So be sure to review the introduction as many times as necessary to gain this information! Each module contains 3 short lessons that provide a learning experience that is easy, manageable, and able to complete conveniently with a busy schedule.
I have embedded exercises into every lesson to reinforce the information covered so you will better retain your new-found knowledge, and stay engaged in the learning process.  
This course can be purchased by the individual module, or the whole course can be purchased at once with a 10% discount. You are able to work your way through this course in any order that inspires you. You do not have to learn the modules in order except for the introduction which will provide you the information necessary for your hands on work with oils.* When you register for the course you will be given access to: the monographs on 50 essential oils, hundreds of scientific articles proving the benefits of these amazing allies, and recipes for some of my favorite creations! Upon completion of this course you will obtain a certification allowing others to know your education was obtained through classical studies. You will have access to the course, the links to scientific articles, and the 50 monographs for a year from when you registered, and as a student you will continue to have access to my email for questions.
Please see the product descriptions below for a complete description of the lessons. If you have questions don’t hesitate to reach out, send an email and I am happy to correspond, Linda@HerbsAndAromatics.org. I’m excited that you’re ready to begin your education in aromatherapy, I think you’ll be delighted by how brilliant the oils are, and by how much they will teach you!  
Bon voyage!
Linda A Patterson

*The introduction is included for free with every module because it contains imperative information. The introduction should be the first module you complete. This module provides the information necessary to work with essential oils in ways that are both safe and effective. It covers carriers, the importance of working with carriers and how to determine which carrier oil is right for you. The introduction also covers measurements, the importance of dilution, and the shelf life of essential oils. It contains information that you will return to again, and again, and will help you to be a better aromatherapist. Due to the harshness of some essential oils it’s important to know how to work with oils to ensure no one gets burned, or finds themselves in a lawsuit. I never want to see one of my students entangled in a lawsuit, so please be sure to review this module as many times as necessary.